25 onboarding ideas to give your new employees a warm welcome

Ruben Wieman

Ruben Wieman

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A great onboarding experience is an important part of giving your new employees a warm welcome. But what is important to tell them when they start working at your organization? In this blog, I have listed 25 onboarding ideas.

The onboarding experience is key for new employees. This experience is decisive for how fast they are productive. More importantly, the training period is the period in which your employee decides whether he or she wants to stay at your company. This is why both a warm welcome and clear information transfer contributes to higher engagement amongst new staff. In the long term it decreases your employee turnover.

Picture this: new employees often get onboarded on their first working day. They receive old fashioned employee handbooks and dozens of documents.
You will not be 100% sure if your employees have actually read the handbook. Let’s be honest: not many employees will read and remember an onboarding document with more than 50 pages.

Then what should I do? What are great onboarding ideas?

Here you’ll find a list of 25 onboarding ideas.

1. Make use of video to say ‘hi’ 

Have the owner or manager create a personal message welcoming your new hires.

2. Tell them about the company history

Tell them more on how the company was founded. Especially when it is a family owned business it could be very nice to introduce multiple generations.

3. Give insights into the current situation of the company

Explain how many locations you currently have. What Year on Year growth you realised and what your numbers look like.

4. Explain the vision and mission of the company

Explain your vision and mission. Let your employees know the core of your business and how they can contribute to this.

5. Company culture

What is your company culture, what are your company values? How do you work together as as a team?

6. Important house rules

Explain the rules within your company. For example, what time should an employee be present before his shift starts? Or can they use their mobile phone during work time?

7. What your company differentiates from other companies

It is fun for your new staff to know how your company differentiates itself from similar companies in the region.

8. Mention your organization’s structure

What does your company structure look like? What are the different roles & responsibilities?

9. Frontline rules within your organization

Besides in-house rules, also mention external rules. It is important that you teach them about the rules for selling alcohol and tobacco or selling certain products like gift cards.

10. Schedules and availability

Your new hire needs to know where to find the schedule. Explain which software you are using for schedules and what the rules are for availability.

11. Time-off and sick leave

Make sure your employees know how many days off they are allowed to take and what additional rules might apply. Also explain the guidelines for sick leave.

12. Payroll

No doubt your employees will know how much they will get paid per hour. But it is also important to let them know how they will receive their salary, when and what salary processor you are using.

13. Internal communications

Great internal communication is crucial for your organization’s success. Make sure that your new employee knows how your organization makes use of internal communication. Tell them what channel you are using. Pro tip: if you make use of an internal communication platform, such as Flex-Appeal, add your new hires immediately to the platform.

14. Explain safety measures

Safety measures for when it comes to money, security of your property, fire safety and personal belongings: provide clarity for your employees. Explain safety measures in detail.

15. Hygiene rules

Introduce your new staff to the hygiene rules.

16. Werkkleding & Uiterlijke verzorging

Tell your employee about the company dress code. If necessary, you can give washing instructions as well. Besides, it is good to mention the presentation of your employees.

17. The first day!

Make sure that you give your employee a warm welcome on their first day. You can use the onboarding program to properly prepare the employee before their arrival.

18. Create a checklist for the first day

Make sure you create a checklist for the first day of your employee. What should be in this checklist? You can think of things such as signing the contract, connecting with their manager or pass emergency details.

19. Let other employees share tips

Make onboarding fun to read. You could let current employees share tips

20. Put together a personnel directory

Especially for new employees it is of great help if they have one place where they can find all employees including additional information like birthdays, phone numbers and a photo Pro tip: highlight important persons within the company, the founders for instance.

21. Working hours and opening hours

Do not forget to mention work hours and opening hours. And explain when your employees get breaks and for how long.

22Give your new hires a virtual tour

Give new staff a virtual tour of the company. Show them where to find the canteen, coffee machine, and toilets.

23. Problems and complaints

Also, make sure that your employees know to whom they should go when they have a complaint or problem.

24. Customer experience

Customer experience is key for your company. This starts with well-informed employees. Let your employee know the ins and outs of great customer service. Try to answer specific questions like politeness or wardrobe procedures in your venue.

25. Give away some fun facts about your organization 

A great way to finish the onboarding is by stating some fun facts. It will be easier for your employee to really feel part of your organization. Pro tip: let your employees share their thoughts on onboarding ideas as well. They know what is important to know and what isn’t important. Give them a voice in this process.

Het is daarnaast ook een leuk idee om aan werknemers die wat langer bij je bedrijf werkzaam zijn om ideeën te vragen. Zij weten als geen ander wat interessant is om te leren voor nieuwe medewerkers. Je kan ook aan nieuwe werknemers vragen wat zij graag hadden willen weten in de eerste paar weken dat ze werkzaam waren bij je bedrijf.

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