The Digital Employee Experience Playbook for retail non-food organizations

Digital EX Playbook Non-Food Retail

In this mini-guide, you will discover the 6-step process to connecting, training, and engaging your retail non-food employees.  Topics covered in this guide:  The importance of the digital employee experience for retail non-food employees How to design your digital employee experience in 6 steps How Oneteam’s Employee Experience Platform helps other leading retail organizations.


eveline goedhart bouwmarkten

โ€œThanks to Oneteam we have one central platform with which all employees in all 18 stores can communicate together. We love using Oneteam because it is an all-in-one employee platform. Onboarding, realtime schedules, and shift changes: it is all in there!โ€ Eveline Burgers | Communication Specialist | Goedhart Bouwmarkten About Goedhart Bouwmarkten Goedhart Bouwmarkten, known […]