Internal communication

Unify all internal communications into one platform

Stop using an abundance of channels, such as WhatsApp, email, intranets, newsletters and bulletin boards. With Flex-Appeal’s solution, you can reach everyone through one single platform.
Internal Communication
Empowering your frontline workforce
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Modern and efficient communications

Clear and simple solution
Increase engagement
Safe and secure
Improved work-life balance
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Create a clear overview

Use one single platform for your internal communications to ensure that each employee receives the right information at the right time.
Engagement reminder

Increase engagement

Increase employee engagement by sharing successes, celebrating birthdays and asking for feedback.
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Safe and secure

Many internal communication platforms such as WhatsApp are not GDPR-compliant. Flex-Appeal is 100% GDPR-compliant.
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Improved work-life balance

Don’t use social media channels for work related messages. This helps you maintain a healthy work life balance, resulting in satisfied employees.

The solution for two-way communications

Personal timeline

All employees have a personal timeline on which they receive only relevant messages.


Communicate easily with your colleagues in group chats or send private messages.

Privacy settings

Determine your privacy settings.

Share documents

Share images, PDF files and videos easily.

Schedule messages

Plan your internal communications. Schedule messages in advance.


Measure the performance of your messages.

Hear what our customers say

What makes Oneteam unique

All-in-one solution

Oneteam is an all-in-one solution to connect, train and engage your frontline employees.

High adoption rate

The Oneteam platform has a high-quality user experience that users love and want to use on a daily basis.


You can tailor your brand to the Oneteam platform or even get it whitelabel.

Support for all users

Every user can get support directly via the chat helpdesk in the Oneteam platform.

Put your frontline first and get started right away