Get ready for a stress-free 2023

Worrying about employee engagement, productivity, turnover, and the tedious task of managing multiple systems for employee experience will forever belong to the history books. There’s a new way to connect with your frontline employees, and you’ll love it.

Stress-free 2023

The new way to connect with your frontline

The way companies currently connect with their frontline workers is broken, causing significant problems like high employee turnover and low productivity. Most organizations use different solutions for every part of the employee experience. Whether it’s for internal communication, onboarding, eLearning, surveys, forms, or checklists, you name it. This fragmented way of working leads to stress for both the frontline employees as well as for you, their manager. 

Time to fix what’s broken and offer your employees a fully integrated experience. Oneteam’s all-in-one employee app gathers all ingredients you need to make your frontline employees successful and engaged in one platform. Plus, it helps you save up to 4x time on managing the employee experience.

Old vs new way to connect with your frontline

It’s all in Oneteam​

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Oneteam’s employee app is modular and can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. Internal communication, onboarding, eLearning, surveys, forms, checklists, schedule integrations, and much more. It’s all in Oneteam. 

Watch our 2-minute explainer video to learn how Oneteam can help your organization. 

Are you ready for a stress-free 2023?

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Sit back, relax, and see how Oneteam helped H&M to resolve communication challenges, ramp up employee engagement, and develop their employee training program. 

"Oneteam helps us to motivate, inspire, and develop our colleagues, which obviously contributes to the success of our business."

Natascha Poncia-Kilsdonk | Recruitment & Development Manager at H&M

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