Connect, train and engage your frontline workforce by using one single platform

The perfect platform for your frontline workforce

The idea for the platform originated from the frustration of one of Oneteam’s founders. At Oneteam we are always on the lookout for the latest market developments when it comes to employee engagement and retention. Through our constant contact with frontline workers, we truly understand their needs and wishes. Our roadmap is primarily created through input generated by various interviews and polls we do with our customers and their employees.

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Experience and interaction are at the heart of Oneteam

Gen Z and Millenials are used to intuitive apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. That is why our focus in on a native employee experience app. Our main focus is to create a platform with a modern look and feel, user experience, stability, and speed of our platform. We believe that these are the pillars for a successful employee experience app.

Reliable service and support

We want you to have the best possible experience. Every client is assigned a Customer Success Manager who will give your team the best possible training before- and after Go-Live. You can always reach out to us if you have questions through our knowledge base or direct chat. Every user on the platform has the option to speak with us directly through the build-in help desk functionality.

Within Oneteam I can find or ask for anything related to my work. It is nice to stay in touch with my colleagues through this platform, especially now during the corona crisis.
Jikkie Riemersma
Maripaan Groep BV
Oneteam helps me to quickly view my schedule. I can find all the important messages here. Also, it is a very fast and clear app!
Peter van der Duyn Schouten
Albert Heijn - Dillenburgplein
Oneteam makes all my work-related matters clear in one app, from news in the workplace to private messages from my colleagues. Really a godsend if you work in a store!
Anna Blom
Albert Heijn
Oneteam is voor mij de meest complete werkapp! In de ochtend kijk ik even op mijn werkrooster en of er belangrijke berichten zijn. Kortom een hele fijne en handige app die ik zeker nog vaak zal gebruiken!
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Jeroen Veldkamp
Maripaan Groep BV
It is a nice medium to share news with your colleagues, I receive nice comments and Oneteam is fun to work with! 👍
Wybe Brouwer
Safety Group
Everything that you need for work in just one app! I see all the useful information, my work schedule and I can easily swift shifts with my co-workers.
Arantxa Foks
Vos Supermarkten
All messages reach our employees immediately. We are always informed now.
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Marja Hartman van den Berg
Albert Heijn - Spoorwegstraat
Since we started using Oneteam, communication in the workplace has increased enormously. It is easier to reach colleagues and read all important announcements here.
Luuk de Vries
Maripaan Groep BV
With Oneteam I can easily change shifts, check my schedule, and communicate with my team.
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Sarah Hospers
New York Pizza
Oneteam is a great platform in which messages can be sent out easily. You can find all the necessary information in one place. There are different channels within the app. Everything is separated and all messages are easy to find.
Jonne van der Veen
Maripaan Groep BV
During the Corona crisis, we can communicate easily with the help of Oneteam. Thanks to the app we are able to speak with each other on a daily basis. The app works fast and is reliable. Very satisfied with Oneteam!
Theo Leenders
Customer Care Center
The app is great to use. When I don't want to think about my work (at home) I can turn off my notifications.
Mesem Bahbahani
Maripaan Groep BV

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