Improving communication in the workplace: what can we learn from the lockdown?

Last year many shops, restaurants, and hotels closed their doors unexpectedly. Frontline employees who commonly used to be the face of the organization were suddenly forced to remain at home for a long period. How does good internal communication ensure that your employees remain connected and engaged in uncertain times? And that they are entirely […]

The 8 best internal communication tools

Internal communication is the glue that holds your organization together. When well-executed, it paves the way for business growth and a good brand image. Happy and satisfied employees are more likely to become brand ambassadors and promote the company they work for.  But how can you achieve the best results? And what internal communication tools […]

How to improve your internal communication? 8 tips to consider

interne communicatie

Internal communication has always been a hot topic. It’s the eternal dilemma for many HR managers and internal comms professionals: how to inform your employees about what and when? Besides, 2020 brought another challenge: how to keep all employees involved in the organization remotely? Here are some tips that can help you improve your internal […]

Frontline Olympics: 7 fun & easy activities to organize with your remote team

Mind-Blowing fact: Happy employees are more productive and provide better customer service – so don’t overlook the importance of having fun in the workplace. Fun and work are often opposite ends in people’s minds, but they don’t have to be. Introducing initiatives to create fun in the workplace can contribute positively to the work environment and […]

14 free tools to boost your internal communication game

Free tools for content creation

In one of our previous blog posts, we shared 8 tips to spice up your internal communication, describing the importance of using the right communication tools and how to create the perfect content mix. But we also mentioned that to best engage your employees, you first need to capture their eyes. “A picture is worth […]

8 content ideas to spice up your internal communication

Internal communication is the glue that holds together an organization from the top-down. It’s a critical function of any organization, and its main purpose is to share information among employees so that they can perform best and stay engaged. Still, it often results in ineffectiveness and it doesn’t reach the preset goals. As a consequence, […]

7 reasons why you should start using an internal communication platform

Having one central internal communication platform in place is key for companies with many non-desk workers. Non-desk workers (it’s in the name) don’t have a desk. They work as a cashier, shelf stocker, or a waiter. They don’t have a computer or even a business email address. Internal communication with non-desk employees is therefore not […]

WhatsApp for internal communication? Think again!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular forms of communication for years. There are currently more than 2 billion WhatsApp users, which makes WhatsApp the world’s most popular messenger app. This is no surprise since WhatsApp is super user-friendly. You can easily stay in touch with everybody by using your smartphone. You can send messages […]

6 crisis communication tips to keep your employees up to date

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus affects every business. Hoarding was a big thing in supermarkets whilst the hotel business was seeing a dramatic decrease in bookings. Stock levels decrease and the need for flexible staff is growing. In short; COVID-19 messes with your normal day-to-day business. Corona changes your company’s future plans. Actually, that is an understatement. We […]