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Empowering your frontline workforce
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Unify internal communications into one platform

Stop using an abundance of channels, such as WhatsApp, email, intranets, newsletters, and bulletin boards. With our solution, you can reach everyone through one single platform.

Make new hires more productive and engaged

Did you know that the right onboarding makes your new employees 66% more productive and 50% more satisfied? And employee turnover decreases to 54% in the long term. Start making a difference now.

Train your employees about new skills, products and measures

Centralize all digital trainings on one mobile platform. Setting up and managing m-learning has never been so easy.

Gather valuable feedback from your frontline employees.

Learn what’s working, and gain actionable insights on what needs to be improved.

Integrate with existing systems

Synchronize employee data, work schedules, and shift changes through integrations with your WFM & HR systems.

Strengthen your brand with a branded app

There are two options to go live with your own app. 90% of our users choose to use the Oneteam app with full branding options. The other option is to have your own app with your own brand and name.

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What makes Oneteam unique

All-in-one solution

Oneteam is an all-in-one solution for connecting, training, and engaging frontline workers. Say goodbye to switching between different channels.

High adoption rate

Oneteam has a very simple user interface. People get used to it within minutes.


Do you prefer a solution in your corporate branding? With Oneteam it is possible. Strengthen your brand by creating a native app.

Support for all users

Oneteam has several support options to assist organizations of every size. Every subscription comes with a helpdesk in which every user can speak directly to our support employees.

Ready to get started? Learn how Oneteam can transform your business.