Onboarding: quickly onboard new employees

Stop handing out employee manuals. With Oneteam's employee onboarding app you are able to create a personal and engaging onboarding experience.

Online onboarding with an employee app

The onboarding period is crucial for employee engagement and the success of new employees. This starts at least 2 weeks prior to the first working day and continues for around 6 months. An employee app with an onboarding module helps you guide your new employees before, during, and after the first day of work with a personal, fun and interactive onboarding experience.

Digitize the onboarding process

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Gamify your onboarding

Easy to create

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Measure and improve

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What makes Oneteam unique

All-in-one solution

Oneteam is an all-in-one solution for connecting, training, and engaging frontline workers. Say goodbye to switching between different channels.

High adoption rate

Oneteam has a very simple user interface. People get used to it within minutes.


Do you prefer a solution in your corporate branding? With Oneteam it is possible. Strengthen your brand by creating a native app.

Support for all users

Oneteam has several support options to assist organizations of every size. Every subscription comes with a helpdesk in which every user can speak directly to our support employees.

Put your frontline first and get started right away