Internal communication

Unify all internal communications into one platform

With Oneteam’s internal communications app, you can connect, train, and engage all your employees via one platform. Easily communicate with different colleagues, departments, and locations.

All internal communications in one app

It’s time to stop using an overload of fragmented internal communication channels, such as WhatsApp, email, intranets, newsletters, and bulletin boards. Oneteam’s Employee Experience Platform lets you unify all internal communication into one platform. Directly engage with all your employees via their personalized feed, or instantly communicate via group chats or private messages.

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Improved employee engagement

Improve the employee engagement by sharing messages, files, photos, or videos. Or ask your employees for feedback through a poll. Give new employees a warm welcome, celebrate birthdays and share successes. High-fives are guaranteed!

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Keep a clear overview with a user-friendly platform

Decide for yourself which information is accessible to others, which push notifications you receive and easily view which notifications are relevant to you.

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Get valuable insights about your internal communications

Get valuable insights into all relevant engagement metrics and watch how your employee engagement stats skyrocket! Oneteam users see an average of more than 85% weekly active users. 

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What makes Oneteam unique

All-in-one solution

Oneteam is an all-in-one solution for connecting, training, and engaging frontline workers. Say goodbye to switching between different channels.

High adoption rate

Oneteam has a very simple user interface. People get used to it within minutes.


Do you prefer a solution in your corporate branding? With Oneteam it is possible. Strengthen your brand by creating a native app.

Support for all users

Oneteam has several support options to assist organizations of every size. Every subscription comes with a helpdesk in which every user can speak directly to our support employees.

Put your frontline first and get started right away