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A central hub for your (deskless/frontline/non-desk/blue-collar) team

The central hub for your frontline workforce

Oneteam is the only app you need to connect, train, and engage your workforce.

Centralized hub

Everything your employees need in one mobile hub

Do your employees still need to find information that is scattered across several tools? With Oneteam’s user-friendly hub you can centralize everything and make it easy to access essential information on the go.
Centralize everything: Use the powerful built-in features like document management, forms, checklists, calendar, employee directory and more.  
Personalized Employee hub: Every employee only sees what is relevant for them in the hub based on their user profile.
Integrate third party tools: Centralize the other tools you already use in one hub.
Internal communication platform

Inform & engage everyone

Do you still use multiple internal communications tools like WhatsApp, E-mail, newsletters, intranets and bulletin boards? With Oneteam's platform you can centralize all internal communication in one app and bring everyone up to date in an instant.  
Improve work-life balance: Replace private messaging tools like WhatsApp.
Centralize all communication: Bring all internal communication together in one app. From 1 on 1 chat to company wide communication channels.
Make sure you reach everyone: Oneteam's customer see on average that 92% of employees read important messages within 24 hours.
Onboarding, learning and surveys

Build the best team

Do you still use multiple point-solution for onboarding, E-learning and surveys? It's time to bring your workforce to the next level and experience the power of having those tools in a centralised solution.

Onboard new employees: Create a consistent onboarding program in Oneteam with interactive content and quizes.
Train your workforce: Build your own Academy with the easy to use CMS of Oneteam.
Measure employee sentiment: Get valuable & real-time insights with pulse, lifecycle and custom surveys.

Connected your systems

Oneteam seamlessly integrates with your systems so you can synchronize employee data, work schedules, shift changes, and more.

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Companies that became one team

"Our wish was one app, a WestCord employee app, in which all internal communications is centralised per team, hotel and on a WestCord Hotels level. And this app also had to include employee training and digital micro learnings."

Eline Ligthart

Employee Journey Manager - Westcord Hotels

"To measure the impact of Oneteam, we sent out a survey to all our employees. When asked, "On a scale of 1 to 5, how much more engaged do you feel with Norah since using Oneteam?" Oneteam scored 4.3 out of 5, which reflects the positive impact Oneteam has on our organization."
Esmay Schipanski
People & Culture Manager at Norah

Esmay Schipanski

People and Culture Manager - Norah

"At Stayokay, we strive to transform our employees into brand ambassadors. Oneteam’s digital learning and communication platform helps us to do so."

Liza de Vos

Head of HR - StayOkay Hotels

"Oneteam offers us an all-in-one solution for employee experience. Instead of 4 systems, we can now offer our employees one solution for internal communication, onboarding, microlearning and integrated work schedules."
Brenda Kovac, HR Manager at Optisport

Brenda Kovac

HR Manager - Optisport

"In addition to the communication component, it is also possible to offer onboarding or eLearning modules via Oneteam. This helps us to train our employees and make them successful in their work."
Erwin de Bruin
Finance & Operations Director at Dudok Horeca Group

Erwin de Bruin

Finance and Operations Director - Dudok Horeca Group

"With Oneteam, we have a central information point via which we can easily communicate with the entire organization or different subgroups. Our communication has not only become more efficient and more structured but also more advanced."

Thijs Meijnen

HR Advisor - Leussink Retail Group

"Where we previously had virtually no interaction, we now receive valuable feedback from all over the organization. 100% of our franchise entrepreneurs use the platform on a daily basis and we also see that there are days where more than 70% of all employees are active on the platform.”

Kevin ter Maten

Head of Marketing - Verhage

97.3% of our employees actively use Oneteam. The improved communication with and involvement of our frontline employees has a positive impact on our business. The frontline employees are more confident on the floor and can therefore offer the best possible experience to our guests.”

Caroline Bosman

Communications & Operations Manager - Amrâth Hôtels

“Prior to Oneteam, we could only connect with 20% of our employees, as the rest lacked a business email address. Now, we're reaching over 90% of our workforce, which is truly remarkable.”

Annabeth van den Berg

Internal Communication -Toolstation

"What we liked especially was that Oneteam has a great user experience from both the user and the admin side, an intuitive design, and offers more than just internal communication. Furthermore, it provided the best deal for a buck of all vendors."

Daniels Polevačiks

Project Manager - DPD

The best teams are one team


Employees reached in 24h


Employees feel more connected


Organizations report higher retention

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