Oneteam for
Food Production

Want to make your food production employees successful and engaged? Time to invest in their employee experience! Use Oneteam to make your reach and connect with your team, quickly onboard and train your employees, and gather valuable feedback right from the heart of your organization. 

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Trusted by leading organizations in the food industry

The all-in-one employee app for food production

You can finally say goodbye to all the outdated and fragmented systems your frontline doesn’t use.

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It's all in Oneteam

Oneteam’s employee app offers leading organizations the all-in-one solution to make their employees successful and engaged. 


Provide one channel for all internal communication

Unify all internal communications into one platform and connect and engage with your non-desk workers. Communicate directly with your employees and watch as engagement levels skyrocket. 


Digitize the onboarding process

Create personalized, fun, and interactive pre-boarding and onboarding experiences for new employees. Make them feel at home right from the start and easily onboard them via mobile onboarding courses. 

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Train your employees via digital training modules

Centralize all digital training on your easy-to-use mobile employee experience platform. Let them enjoy the best mobile experience and easily create bite-sized mobile learnings built to fit the needs of your remote employees.


Improve your operational efficiency with digitized forms and checklists

Stop wasting time with endless communication loops and old-fashioned paperwork. Remove friction for your food production employees and improve the quality and speed of business processes with easily accessible forms and checklists. 

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Gather valuable feedback from the heart of your organization

Your employees know best what’s working and what’s not. Give them a voice via employee surveys and instantly spot improvements to optimize the employee experience and business processes.


Integrate with existing HR and WFM software for a fully integrated digital employee experience

Synchronize employee data, work schedules, and shift changes through integrations with any WFM & HR system your organization uses.

How to stop your employees from leaving your organization

The ultimate checklist to improve the employee engagement and loyalty of your food production employees.

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