Integrate Oneteam with your existing WFM & HR systems

Synchronize employee data, work schedules, and shift changes through integrations with your WFM & HR systems.

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Oneteam integrations

Keep your employee directory up-to-date

Forget manually adding, updating, and removing employees to your employee platform. By integrating with your HR or WFM software we always make sure your employee directory is up-to-date.

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Get instant access to your work schedules

Stop the inefficiencies in scheduling and finding shift replacements. Integrate Oneteam with your scheduling systems and give your employees instant access to their real-time work schedules. This will help your employees to get a clear overview of their schedule, and change or swap shifts instantly.

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Link to other relevant apps and websites

Easily add hyperlinks to any of your other important applications or websites. You even can set this up per location. By adding hyperlinks, you are able to offer your employees one single platform for all their work-related needs.

Need a custom integration? We'll make it happen!

Oneteam’s API makes it possible to easily connect with any of your systems.
Just reach out to us to hear more about our custom integrations.

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