Oneteam for Logistics

Looking to boost the ROI of your logistics operations? It’s time to invest in the employee experience! Utilize Oneteam to empower your workforce and foster engagement, rapidly onboard and educate your staff, and collect crucial insights directly from the core of your organization.

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"After carefully comparing many different platforms on the market, Oneteam won our dollar because it covers all of our requirements (both functional and technical), is easy to implement and is the only employee app in this segment that supports simple e-learning functionality."

Daniels Polevaciks, Business Development Project Manager at DPD Latvia

The all-in-one employee app for logistics employees

You can finally say goodbye to all the outdated and fragmented systems your deskless employees don’t use.

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It's all in Oneteam

Oneteam’s employee app is modular and can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.



Provide one channel for all internal communication

Consolidate all logistics-related communications into a single platform, connecting and engaging both office-based and on-site staff. Communicate directly with warehouse managers, transport coordinators, supply chain personnel, and distribution teams. Observe as engagement levels skyrocket.


Digitize the onboarding process

Develop customized, engaging, and interactive pre-boarding and onboarding experiences for new logistics personnel. Ensure they feel welcomed from the beginning and facilitate seamless integration through mobile onboarding courses tailored to the industry.

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Train your employees via digital training modules

Consolidate all digital training on a user-friendly mobile platform designed for the logistics industry. Provide the optimal mobile experience and effortlessly develop concise, mobile learning modules tailored to meet the requirements of your remote logistics workforce.


Improve your operational efficiency with digitized forms and checklists

Stop wasting time with endless communication loops and old-fashioned paperwork. Remove friction for your logistics employees and improve the quality and speed of business processes with easily accessible forms and checklists. 

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Gather valuable feedback from the heart of your organization

Your deskless employees are the face of the brand and know best what’s working, and what’s not. Give your employees a voice via employee surveys and instantly spot improvements to optimize the employee and customer experience. 


Integrate with existing HR and WFM software for a fully integrated digital employee experience

Synchronize employee data, work schedules, and shift changes through integrations with any WFM & HR system your organization uses.

How to stop your employees from leaving your organization

The ultimate checklist to improve the employee engagement and loyalty of your logistics employees.

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