Oneteam for Retail

Are you a retail business looking to boost customer satisfaction and drive sales? Look no further than your deskless workforce! Oneteam’s employee app is the perfect solution to make your employees successful and engaged. Oneteam helps retailers to improve communication, increase efficiency, and empower  employees to deliver exceptional customer service. 

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“Oneteam helps us to motivate, inspire, and develop our colleagues, which clearly contributes to the success of our business.”

Natascha Poncia-Kilsdonk, Recruitment & Development Manager at H&M

The all-in-one app for retail employees

It’s time to say goodbye to the jungle of different systems to connect, train, and engage your frontline workforce.
Oneteam’s employee app offers leading retailers the all-in-one solution to make their employees successful and engaged. 

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Internal Comms Retail


Provide one channel for all communication

Unify all internal communications for retail employees on one platform, and connect and engage with both desk and non-desk workers, including store managers, shop floor employees, and warehouse workers. Experience an increase in engagement levels among all retail staff.


Digitize the onboarding process​

Design personalized and engaging pre-boarding and onboarding experiences for retail employees to make them feel welcomed from day one. Utilize a mobile-first onboarding solution, through interactive videos, quizzes, and gamification, to efficiently onboard new retail employees.

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eLearning Retail


Train retail employees via digital training modules​

Centralize all digital training for retail employees in your easy-to-use employee experience app, providing them with a seamless mobile experience. Use the platform to create microlearning modules tailored to the specific needs of deskless retail employees, such as product knowledge or customer service skills. For example, providing a microlearning on how to handle customer complaints in your shop.


Improve your operational efficiency with digitized forms and checklists

Stop wasting time with endless communication loops and old-fashioned paperwork. Remove friction for your retail employees and improve the quality and speed of business processes with easily accessible forms and checklists.

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Gather valuable feedback from the heart of the organization​

Your shop floor employees are the face of the brand and know best what’s working, and what’s not. Give your employees a voice via employee surveys and instantly spot improvements.


Integrate with existing HR and WFM software for a fully integrated digital employee experience​

Synchronize employee data, work schedules, and shift changes through integrations with any WFM & HR system your retail organization uses.

The 5-step approach for making your employees successful and engaged

From mapping the current employee experience to improving it step by step, this playbook includes all ingredients for HR and Internal Communication Managers to make their retail employees successful and engaged.

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