The story of Oneteam

Ruben Wieman and Guido Schmitz founded Oneteam based on their own frustrations. They both started their professional career working as frontline workers at a supermarket and as a pizza delivery driver. The frustrations they encountered as frontline workers lead them to build an employee experience app focused on making the frontline workforce successful and engaged. 

To give an example, they still had to read paper employee handbooks, were added to WhatsApp groups with a lot of unknown contacts (without giving permission), and also needed to check hard copy rosters attached to the bulletin board in the company canteen to figure out their schedule.

They started wondering why there was no solution for the outdated and fragmented way of communicating with frontline workers: a modern employee experience app. A complete app combining everything needed to make an employee successful at their job. Oneteam was then founded based on the following vision: to unleash the full potential of frontline workers around the world by making them highly engaged and successful at their job. 

Oneteam’s all-in-one employee app is the ideal solution for organizations with small HR teams and 100 to 10.000 frontline employees. Organizations like H&M, Dominos, Albert Heijn, and Toolstation already use Oneteam to boost employee engagement, lower employee turnover, and increase productivity. 

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