How to set up your employee survey platform in 5 steps.

Guido Schmitz

Guido Schmitz


Want to boost your organization’s ROI with effective employee feedback? Oneteam’s employee surveys feature lets you gather valuable feedback from the heart of your organization. Learn what’s working, and gain actionable insights on what needs to be improved.

Curious to know how to set up your employee survey platform? Let’s get started!

Setting up your employee survey platform

Get started and publish your first employee survey in just 5 steps. 

Step 1: Pick a survey template or start creating your survey from scratch

In your surveys dashboard, you will find an overview of all your created surveys. Choose one of our ready-to-use templates or simply click on Create and start working your magic. 

Oneteam Survey Dashboard

Step 2: Use whatever question type you like 

Start creating your survey in minutes. Use whatever question type you like, whether it’s multiple-choice, a slider, or just a regular text answer. Directly see the end result via the preview on the right.

Oneteam Survey Creator

Step 3: Choose when to send out your survey 

Decide if you want to send out the survey directly, or schedule it for later.

There’s also an option to create an ongoing survey, that will be sent out whenever an employee matches the filters you set. Think of satisfaction surveys based on the days in service.

Step 4: Use the audience selector and send out the survey to all or a specific group of employees

Choose whether you want to make it an anonymous survey or not and use the audience selector to send your survey to all or a specific group of employees.

Oneteam - Publish Survey

Step 5: Time to send out your survey and start analyzing the results

Time to send out your survey! Your employees will directly receive a notification in their employee app, so they can fill it in whenever they want and wherever they are. Gather real-time insights and rapidly analyze feedback. Use the insights to spot improvements and start boosting the employee experience.

Employee Survey Results - Oneteam

We’ve also created a short explainer video in order to explain the above steps and show how easy it is to set up your employee surveys platform. Check it out!

Different types of employee surveys

Before you get started with creating your survey, you should choose the right survey type. Deciding on the right survey type depends on your industry, your company culture, and, of course, the goals you want to achieve. These are some of the different survey types you can use for employee feedback:

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Onboarding Surveys
  • Workplace Surveys
  • Offboarding Surveys

Want to know when to use which type of survey and what kind of questions you should definitely ask? Then make sure to read our blog post 5 types of Employee Survey and when to use them: Everything you need to know.

Integrate surveys with your Employee Experience Platform. 

Employee surveys provide the visibility that organizations need to gain a true understanding of the workplace. It helps organizations to gather feedback right from the heart of the organization and it’s a great way to give your frontline employees a voice.

For any organization looking to deliver an outstanding and fully integrated digital employee experience, it’s essential to integrate your employee survey platform into the full digital employee experience your organization offers. Next to surveys, this includes other components such as internal communication, onboarding and eLearning.

Ready to break down workplace silos and gather instant feedback from all over the organization? Time to get started with your first employee survey! Log into your account, or start a free trial and gain access to our employee survey templates today.

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