To support the delivery of our services, Oneteam may engage and use data processors (“Sub-processors”) with access to certain personal information.

A subprocessor is an external service or provider that is enlisted by Oneteam to deliver our service to you. As part of that, we may have to share personal information we have collected about you with these providers.

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously and have strict processes in place to make sure it remains secure. We will not share personal data by default but primarily exchange user identifiers with 3rd party systems. We also regularly review our sub-processors to make sure they have relevant policies and protections in place. More information regarding security at Oneteam can be found here.

The below table provides important information about the identity, location and role of each Sub-processor we use.

Note: all data located in the USA is transferred via SCCs and have implemented all the requirements for the GDPR

Infrastructure Sub-processors

Sub-ProcessorLocationPurpose/ServicesMore information
Amazon Web ServicesEU (Ireland, Frankfurt)File Storage & Database BackupsWebsite, Data Processing Addendum
DigitalOceanEU (Amsterdam)Cloud Hosting & Main User DataWebsite, Data Processing Agreement
Google Cloud ServicesUSAUsed to support our translations feature in-productWebsite, Data Processing Addendum

Platform Sub-processors

Sub-ProcessorLocationPurpose/ServicesMore information
Twilio SendGridUSATransactional Email CommunicationWebsite, Data Protection Addendum
PusherEUReal-time CommunicationWebsite, Data Protection Addendum
DatadogUSAApplication & Infrastructure MonitoringWebsite, Data Processing Addendum
SentryUSAError Reporting & MonitoringWebsite, Data Processing Addendum
OneSignalUSAPush Notification SoftwareWebsite, Data Processing Agreement (on request)

Business Operations Sub-processors

Sub-ProcessorLocationPurpose/ServicesMore information
IntercomEUCustomer Service & Live-chatWebsite, Data Processing Agreement
ProductBoardUSACustomer Feedback Collection & Product PlanningWebsite, Data Processing Agreement (on request)
HubspotUSACustomer Relations ManagementWebsite, Data Processing Addendum
TypeFormUSAUsed for user surveysWebsite, Data Processing Agreement