Why go with Oneteam vs. Point Solution?

Choosing the right platform to make your deskless employees successful and engaged can be quite a challenge. Should you go for separate solutions or an all-in-one employee app? This page will describe the differences between Oneteam and point solutions.

Stand-alone or all-in-one

There are a lot of apps out there focusing on single components of the digital employee experience. Think of stand-alone apps for internal communication, eLearning, onboarding, surveys, forms, and checklists. The other option is to bring the entire digital employee experience together into Oneteam’s unique all-in-one employee app.

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Let’s dive into the differences

In order to help you make your decision on your ultimate employee app, we’ve listed the pluses and minuses according to 5 key differentiators between point solutions and Oneteam.


Point Solutions

Having several point solutions will overwhelm your frontline employees. Deskless employees are very busy, don’t sit behind computers, and usually work part-time. They won’t install, log in, and use multiple apps for different purposes. This will affect the adoption and usage of your solutions.


With Oneteam you can centralize all aspects of the employee experience into one app. Internal communication, onboarding, eLearning, surveys, schedule integrations, and much more. It’s all in Oneteam. The average adoption rate is 98%, and Oneteam users see an average of 95% weekly active users.

“Everyone within the H&M Brand for the Netherlands uses the platform. This includes employees working in our distribution centers, stores, as well as in our offices. Currently, we have around 3000 employees actively working with Oneteam.”

Britt Kleinepier, Interne Communicatie Coördinator at H&M


Point Solutions

Having multiple point solutions requires a lot of maintenance for your team, from selecting and purchasing to integrating, implementing, and managing the platforms. Doing this for multiple platforms is inefficient, and we all know how occupied the HR team is. Imagine how much time your HR team will take to do this for multiple platforms.


Having one platform allows you to spend the time needed to manage the account efficiently. Oneteam saves you 4x time on maintenance and can be implemented within three days. Furthermore, you can add a module whenever you want. You’ll have one dedicated customer success manager for all your needs and queries rather than 1 for every solution.

“Implementing Oneteam felt like creating a Facebook account. It was super easy and we could get started right away.”

Thijs Meijnen, HR Advisor at Leussink Retail Group

Implementation and Flexibility

Point Solutions

If you use single solution platforms, like an internal communication platform, an onboarding platform, or a surveys platform, it’s not just the adoption and maintenance to worry about. You will need to implement an entirely new system whenever you decide to add a new component to your HR tech stack.


Oneteam is modular and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. You could, for example, start with just using the internal communication and onboarding component and easily add other components along the way. This makes your employee app flexible and future-proof.

“The uniqueness of Oneteam is that it includes several functions, allowing us to use one platform for internal communication, onboarding, and eLearning. With Oneteam, we can offer our employees an all-in-one solution for the digital employee experience.”

Liza de Vos, HR Manager at Stayokay

Data Analytics

Point Solutions

Having multiple solutions also means having fragmented data analytics. Every solution provides its analytics, leaving you with fragmented employee experience insights.


Having all components of the employee experience gathered in one platform lets your HR team keep a centralized and straightforward overview of the employee experience within your organization.

"To measure the impact of Oneteam, we sent out a survey to all our employees. When asked, "On a scale of 1 to 5, how much more engaged do you feel with Norah since using Oneteam?" the platform scored 4.3 out of 5, which reflects the positive impact Oneteam has on our organization."

Esmay Schipanski, People & Culture Manager at Norah


Point Solutions

Using different point solutions will be cost-heavy, as you’ll need a license for every single one.


Oneteam is four times more cost-efficient compared to having different point solutions. Find more on Oneteam’s pricing here.

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

“We explored a few options, but what appealed to us about Oneteam was that the platform looks sleek and is easy to use. In addition, the price-quality ratio was better compared to other providers.”

Caroline Bosman, Manager Communication & Operations at Amrâth Hôtels

How Oneteam Works

After all these words, it’s about time to show some action. Have a look at our platform video and see how Oneteam can help your organization with an all-in-one employee app.

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