Oneteam announces new integration with Nostradamus

Oneteam and Nostradamus join forces to create a much more seamless user experience for HR managers and employees alike.

Inês Pinto

Oneteam announces new integration with Nostradamus

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Nostradamus x Oneteam: the purpose of the integration

The collaboration between Nostradamus and Oneteam transforms the way Nostradamus customers couple their Workforce Management System with Oneteam, the app for employee engagement. The integration offers direct synchronization between both apps, meaning that updates to personnel files, like adding new employees or scrapping those who leave, are automatically added to Oneteam. This process makes sure the information is always up to date and reduces the need for manual changes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

This integration also makes Oneteam into a central platform for employees, allowing them to check their schedules, access internal communication, and go through onboarding processes and e-learning modules. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to both optimize the planning process as well as make crucial information readily available to employees and managers, improving the overall user experience. 

“Our partnership with Nostradamus is another step towards our mission of empowering HR managers to create a seamless and exceptional employee experience. With this new integration, we are equipping HR teams with the tools they need to effortlessly manage every aspect of the employee journey.” – Ruben Wieman, Co-Founder and CEO, Oneteam

Bolster your workforce management with Nostradamus and Oneteam

Nostradamus offers customers access to essential functions that lower operational costs and improve workplace planning. The integration with Oneteam marks a crucial development towards a more employee-centric approach. The integration can be activated in an instant, immediately offering access to a multifunctional employee platform.

“Thanks to the integration between Nostradamus and Oneteam, companies now have a single platform that combines internal communication and access to your weekly schedule. The result: a team that is always up to date! In a fast-paced, fast-changing sector, this solution answers the wishes of our joint customer base.” – Dennis Lustig, Founder of Pieq

All-in-one platform for employees

Oneteam squarely puts employees at the heart of the organization and offers:

  • User-friendly access to essential updates and information, accessible wherever, whenever.
  • A centralized hub to consult documents and information, share important updates, and receive immediate feedback. 
  • Support in the HR cycle, including personalized onboarding, mobile e-learning, and real-time measurement of employee sentiment.

The collaboration between Nostradamus and Oneteam not only improves operational efficiency, but also enhances employee engagement and satisfaction by making them the focal point of all processes.

Want to know more about Oneteam x Nostradamus and the implementation process?

Curious how Oneteam and Nostradamus can support your team? Contact us for a personal demo of the Oneteam platform. Discover how the integration between Oneteam and Nostradamus facilitates a seamless collaboration and efficient planning process, making sure your team really becomes one team.

About Oneteam

Oneteam gathers essential updates and information in one place, making it easier for frontline employees to stay engaged and do their work. Oneteam also offers native functions for things like questionnaires, training and communication, all fully adaptable to your organization’s needs. The simple interface for management and implementation makes reaching your team effortless, meaning you can share important updates and receive immediate feedback. Centralize internal communication, listen to your team, and improve everyone’s work-life balance by ditching WhatsApp groups.

About Nostradamus

Nostradamus is a software distributed by Pieq that provides a solution for planning, time registration, and prognosis. The intuitive software offers 24/7 insights on the go, making it easier to manage productivity and labor costs. Employees can access their schedule, swap shifts, and indicate their availability, all in the app. Meanwhile, the management app offers more control in the workplace.

Inês Pinto

Inês Pinto

Inês is the Head of Content at Oneteam. She mainly writes about employee experience and other HR topics. Fun fact about Inês: she is originally from Portugal, grew up in Canada and the US, and now lives in the Netherlands with her husband and 3 daughters!

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