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The mobile-first employee platform for internal communication, onboarding, eLearning, and surveys.

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Frontline workers make the difference

Frontline employees are the face of the brand and determine the success of the company. So making them successful is essential. 

But it’s hard to connect, train and engage them when they have no access to a computer, don’t have a corporate e-mail address, and often work with a jungle of different outdated systems. 

Our Employee Experience Platform

Internal communication
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Stop using too many internal tools

The way organizations connect, train, and engage their frontline workforce is outdated and ineffective. Organizations often use different tools to connect, train, and engage frontline workers, leading to too much noise and unhappy employees. This results in lower productivity, lower customer satisfaction, lower revenue, and high employee turnover. Learn how an Employee Experience Platform can help you unleash the true potential of your frontline workforce.

The advantages of Oneteam

Best user experience
High usage rate
Decrease costs
Insights and statistics
Easy user management

Meet Oneteam

Oneteam helps organizations to improve the experience of their frontline workforce. Learn more about us.

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"Oneteam helps us to motivate, inspire, and develop our colleagues, which obviously contributes to the success of our business."

Natascha Poncia-Kilsdonk | Recruitment & Development Manager at H&M

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