Facebook's Workplace shutting down: What's next?

Meta is shutting down its enterprise communication platform, Workplace, by the end of the year. Launched in 2016, Workplace served over 7 million paid users, providing businesses with a familiar interface for team collaboration.

What happend?

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced the closure of Workplace, its enterprise communications platform. Despite initially aiming to compete in the business communication and productivity space, Meta has decided to shut down Workplace, marking the end of a ten-year journey for the product. 

The decision comes as Meta shifts its focus towards AI and metaverse technologies. Workplace users will be able to continue using the platform until August 31, 2025, after which it will become read-only until May 31, 2026, when access will be terminated.

What companies using Workplace should do next

For organizations currently using Workplace, here are the steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Communicate internally: Inform your team about the upcoming changes. Reassure them that Workplace will remain operational until the shutdown and that you're evaluating alternatives that promise even more benefits.

  2. Data management: Take advantage of Workplace’s data download feature. This will be essential for migrating to a new platform without losing valuable information.

  3. Explore alternatives: Evaluate the core functionalities you relied on in Workplace and identify additional requirements. While Meta has recommended Workvivo from Zoom, it's a great opportunity to explore other options that might better suit your needs, such as Oneteam.

Improved communication tools

Oneteam includes all the essential features you loved in Workplace, such as timelines, chat, and document management, with more advanced group settings.

Frontline workforce focus

Oneteam excels in environments with a large number of frontline workers. It’s optimized for mobile devices, ensuring seamless access and usability, while also providing robust desktop features.

Beyond communication

Oneteam offers extra features for employee onboarding, training, surveys, forms & checklists, and deeper HR & WFM integrations.

Affordable pricing packages

Oneteam starts at just €1,49 per user per month. See detailed pricing here.

Your very own whitelabel app

Oneteam offers whitelabeling which allows you to have your own branded app in all app stores.

Dedicated customer success team

Get custom support at every step of the way from our customer success team.

Additional Oneteam features

Employee onboarding: Create a mobile employee onboarding program with content modules, quizzes, surveys, events, and messages. Customize the onboarding package by region, location, department, or language. Learn more about our onboarding solution.

E-learning solution: Develop your own mobile e-learning academy with diverse content formats, quizzes, and learning paths. Quickly train employees on new products, promotions, procedures, or skills. Check out our e-learning tool.

Employee surveys: Easily gather feedback from your team with various survey options, including lifecycle surveys (automated surveys at 30, 90, and 180 days) and pulse surveys to measure real-time employee sentiment. Discover our surveys feature.

Forms & Checklists: Streamline communication with customizable internal forms and checklists, similar to a lightweight ServiceNow. Create HR forms, suggestion boxes, IT requests, incident reports, leave requests, and more. Read more about our forms & checklists.

Deep integrations: Oneteam offers 25 out-of-the-box integrations with systems like ADP and Workday. We can also create new integrations on the fly when a third-party system has an API. This allows for seamless employee data sync and access to shift schedules directly within Oneteam. Check out our current integrations.

Whitelabel: Oneteam offers whitelabeling which allows you to have your own branded app in all app stores. Oneteam offers you support from start to finish: from branding to implementation.

About Oneteam

Oneteam is a well-established platform that has been in development for over 10 years and is trusted by hundreds of big brands, including H&M.

Oneteam recently won the prestigious HR Innovation Award at the Unleash World conference in Paris. Oneteam scores a 4.5/5 on G2, with over 50 reviews.

Next steps

The transition can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly you wish to move. With the adequate time provided by Workplace's shutdown notice, there is ample opportunity to make a smooth transition.

1. Book a call

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2. Assess needs

We'll go over your specific requirements and confirm if Oneteam is the right fit.

3.  Transition roadmap

We’ll develop a detailed plan for your transition.

4. Migrate

Transfer your data to Oneteam, set up your account, and train key stakeholders.

5. Roll out

Deploy the platform across your organization.

Step 1

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Companies that became one team

"Our wish was one app, a WestCord employee app, in which all internal communications is centralised per team, hotel and on a WestCord Hotels level. And this app also had to include employee training and digital micro learnings."

Eline Ligthart

Employee Journey Manager - Westcord Hotels

"To measure the impact of Oneteam, we sent out a survey to all our employees. When asked, "On a scale of 1 to 5, how much more engaged do you feel with Norah since using Oneteam?" Oneteam scored 4.3 out of 5, which reflects the positive impact Oneteam has on our organization."
Esmay Schipanski
People & Culture Manager at Norah

Esmay Schipanski

People and Culture Manager - Norah

"At Stayokay, we strive to transform our employees into brand ambassadors. Oneteam’s digital learning and communication platform helps us to do so."

Liza de Vos

Head of HR - StayOkay Hotels

"Oneteam offers us an all-in-one solution for employee experience. Instead of 4 systems, we can now offer our employees one solution for internal communication, onboarding, microlearning and integrated work schedules."
Brenda Kovac, HR Manager at Optisport

Brenda Kovac

HR Manager - Optisport

"In addition to the communication component, it is also possible to offer onboarding or eLearning modules via Oneteam. This helps us to train our employees and make them successful in their work."
Erwin de Bruin
Finance & Operations Director at Dudok Horeca Group

Erwin de Bruin

Finance and Operations Director - Dudok Horeca Group

"With Oneteam, we have a central information point via which we can easily communicate with the entire organization or different subgroups. Our communication has not only become more efficient and more structured but also more advanced."

Thijs Meijnen

HR Advisor - Leussink Retail Group

"Where we previously had virtually no interaction, we now receive valuable feedback from all over the organization. 100% of our franchise entrepreneurs use the platform on a daily basis and we also see that there are days where more than 70% of all employees are active on the platform.”

Kevin ter Maten

Head of Marketing - Verhage

97.3% of our employees actively use Oneteam. The improved communication with and involvement of our frontline employees has a positive impact on our business. The frontline employees are more confident on the floor and can therefore offer the best possible experience to our guests.”

Caroline Bosman

Communications & Operations Manager - Amrâth Hôtels

“Prior to Oneteam, we could only connect with 20% of our employees, as the rest lacked a business email address. Now, we're reaching over 90% of our workforce, which is truly remarkable.”

Annabeth van den Berg

Internal Communication -Toolstation

"What we liked especially was that Oneteam has a great user experience from both the user and the admin side, an intuitive design, and offers more than just internal communication. Furthermore, it provided the best deal for a buck of all vendors."

Daniels Polevačiks

Project Manager - DPD