Centralize your employee experience with Oneteam 3.0

With Oneteam, you can now fully centralize your deskless employee experience in one easy-to-use mobile app.

Ruben Wieman

Centralize your employee experience with Oneteam 3.0

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Introducing: Oneteam 3.0

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months and we’re proud to announce our new-and-improved employee experience app – Oneteam 3.0.

Oneteam 3.0 is the central hub to connect, engage, and train your deskless workforce.

This will enable companies to truly build one team and create a better employee experience for their frontline workers.

With its flexibility, wide range of features, and simplicity, Oneteam 3.0 can be so much for so many different companies:

✅ It can serve as a simple app for centralizing company news, documents, forms, and links;

✅ It can function as a complete internal communication solution; or 

✅ It can be a full-fledged employee enablement platform for onboarding and continuous training.

With Oneteam 3.0 all you need is one mobile app to:

🚀 Deliver training and procedures on-demand

🚀 Improve two-way communication across locations

🚀 Increase employee productivity and satisfaction

“With Oneteam, we can offer internal communication, onboarding, e-learning all in one app. Furthermore, thanks to the seamless integrations, we can also display essential HR information and schedules in Oneteam.”
– Dorian Jiawan, HR Officer at

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The ROI of employee experience

Centralizing all employee experience apps and platforms into one mobile app, like Oneteam 3.0, can yield significant ROI, particularly for companies with a sizable deskless workforce. 

For employers, this consolidation streamlines operations, reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems. By having everything in one place, admins can more efficiently deploy updates, monitor usage, and ensure compliance with company policies. Additionally, the centralized app enhances data security by minimizing the number of access points, reducing the risk of breaches or leaks.

“With Oneteam, we have everything for work gathered in one app instead of using 6 different apps for all parts of the employee experience.”
– Cyrelle Rutten, Online Marketeer at
Dudok Horeca Group

From an employee standpoint, an app like Oneteam 3.0 simplifies their experience by providing a unified hub for communication, training, and onboarding. This saves time and frustration, as employees no longer need to navigate between various apps or platforms to access essential resources. Plus, the easy accessibility of a mobile app empowers deskless workers to stay connected and informed regardless of their location, improving overall engagement and productivity.

By investing in a centralized app like Oneteam 3.0, companies can unlock greater productivity, improve communication, and foster a more cohesive and engaged workforce, ultimately driving success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Ruben Wieman

Ruben Wieman

Ruben Wieman is the founder of Oneteam. He mainly writes about the future of deskless employee experience and key frontline HR trends. Fun fact about Ruben: He started his professional career as a deskless employee at supermarkets and a pizza delivery guy. The frustrations he encountered lead him to build an employee experience app focused on making the deskless workforce successful and engaged.

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