Product Updates: Apr-Jun 2024

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Guido Schmitz

Product Updates: Apr-Jun 2024

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Our team has been working hard over the last quarter to enhance your Oneteam experience. We’re excited to present new and improved features so you can keep providing the best employee experience to your deskless teams.

What’s new?

In addition to our team’s continuous work on Oneteam 3.0, we also worked on adding and updating the following features:

✅ Improved user experience in Shortcuts

✅ Filling out Surveys on web

✅ Sharing media and files directly to Oneteam

✅ 2 new integrations

✅ Over 60 bug fixes

✅ …and more!

Improvements to Shortcuts

Shortcuts are the easiest way to access your most important Oneteam features and external links. This quarter, our team gave Shortcuts a refresh to make the user experience feel even more seamless:

  • Target multiple Communities and Function groups: Previously, admins had to create a shortcut multiple times in order to target multiple Communities and Function groups. Now, you can set multiple targeting filters so you only need to manage one shortcut.
  • Improved browser experience: Our team gave a refresh to the user experience so that external links feel more in-app.

Surveys now available on web

You asked, we delivered! Oneteam users can now fill out Surveys on the web version of our app. Previously, this feature was only available on our mobile apps (Android and iOS). Now, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to effectively hear from all your employees – whether they work behind a desk or on the go.

Share media and files directly to Oneteam

Users can now share photos, videos, and files from their iOS device to the Timeline in Oneteam – without ever having to open the Oneteam app. This feature was already available for Android users and now it’s been made available on iOS. Next quarter, we’ll be expanding this feature so you can share directly to the Chat feature as well!

Add content to Quiz Modules

With the Academy feature, you can create microlearning courses that are mobile-first so you can train your employees no matter where they are. Within an e-learning course, you can add multiple Content and Quiz modules.

With Quiz modules, you can add multiple choice questions to test your workers’ knowledge throughout your course. Now, you can also add content-only screens to your Quiz module with text, media files, PDFs or embedded YouTube videos.

Sync employee data between Nostradamus and Oneteam

No more manual updates to employee information. Nostradamus users can now automatically sync employee data stored and managed in their workforce management system with Oneteam. Learn more about the Oneteam x Nostradamus integration.

Oneteam and Piggy integration

Great news for Piggy users! Oneteam users can easily move from the Hub to their personalized Piggy rewards page to redeem loyalty credits. This integration ensures that employee communication works smoothly with your employee loyalty program. Learn more about the Oneteam x Piggy integration.

Additional upgrades

This quarter, our team also worked on a number of technical upgrades within our platform to improve your app experience:

  • Revamped Pulse surveys: Enjoy a smoother experience creating and filling out Pulse surveys on mobile and web.
  • Bug and performance stability fixes: We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless in-app experience for our users. This quarter, our team cleared over 60 bugs and performance issues 🚀

What’s next?

We’re continuously hearing your feedback and working to deliver best-in-class experiences to our users.

That’s why, in the coming months, we’ll continue working on many feature improvements including (but not limited to):

📱 Launching the Beta version of Oneteam 3.0 for all users (iOS and Android)
🖥️ Ability to share media and files from your iPhone to the Chat
🔗 New product integrations
… and much more!

Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on our upcoming features and improvements!

Guido Schmitz

Guido Schmitz

Guido Schmitz is the co-founder of Oneteam and responsible for building the employee app of the future. He works closely with customers and the product team to improve our platform and deliver more value. Fun fact about Guido: Started coding at the age of 13 and never stopped doing so. He’s passionate about building great software products that make an impact. Hyper-focused on user experience to make sure Oneteam is the #1 employee app out there.

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