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7 reasons why you should start using an internal communication platform

Ruben Wieman

Ruben Wieman

Having one central internal communication platform in place, is key for companies with many non-desk workers.Non-desk workers (it’s in the name) don’t have a desk. They work as a cashier, shelf stockers or, or as a waiter. They don’t have a computer or even a business email address.

Internal communication with non-desk employees is therefore not as easy as with employees with a fixed workplace. An internal communication platform tailored to the needs of non-desk workers is then a real must-have for your organization.

Is your organization not using an internal communication platform yet? Then it's time to start using one right now. In this blog you will read why you should start using an internal communication platform.

An internal communication platform: what is it?

An  internal communication platform is similar to a social platform, like LinkedIn or Facebook. You can keep your employees up to date about everything that is going on in your organization:

  • Employees have a personal timeline, waar ze alle relevante berichten vinden.  
  • Push notificaties keep employees up-to-date on the latest news.
  • Employees can send each other messages. Think of sharing work tips or photos of the latest company party. 
  • Employees can welcome new colleagues, celebrate their colleague’s birthdays or work anniversaries. 
  • This platform lets employees view their realtime work schedules en lets employees exchange shifts.
  • Your employees can use the chat to ask their manager any question they might have. 
Want to learn more about Oneteam's solution for internal communication?

Reasons to start implementing an internal communications platform

  1. Overview and clarity
  2. No miscommunication
  3. Engaged employees
  4. Happy customers
  5. Lower employee turnover
  6. Increased productivity
  7. Increased expertise

1. Overview and clarity thanks to unified communications

The following situation might sound familiar to you:

  • You use the bulletin board in the canteen for top-down messages from the head office.
  • Your employees can find their schedule on the intranet. If they want to change shifts, they use WhatsApp or intranet to communicate with you and their peers.
  • Your employees use WhatsApp groups to communicate with each other. 
  • Your employees receive updates from your organization every now and then via Facebook. For example, updates about new products, and discounts.


This abundance of communication channels is confusing. Still, you do not know if your messages reach all your employees. Do they read them? 

Also, your employees don't like using different communication channels. Especially using private communication channels, such as WhatsApp and Facebook for work is a major source of annoyance for them. Employees normally use those channels for communicating with their family and friends. 

If you make use of WhatsApp and Facebook, you’ll destroy the work-life balance of your employees. This is a source of irritation for your workforce. Besides, WhatsApp is not GDPR compliant.

Say goodbye to multiple communication channels. Unify internal communications into one platform. 

You will notice that it’ll save you a lot of time. Anrico, owner of Maripaan Groep, a leading supermarket chain in the Netherlands, says:

“Dankzij Oneteam zijn wij in deze cruciale tijden volledig in control wat betreft onze interne communicatie. Wij kunnen met één druk op de knop belangrijke mededelingen communiceren naar onze 2.200 medewerkers. De communicatie komt daadwerkelijk aan en dat creëert duidelijkheid. De rapportages over wie, wat en wanneer de berichten gelezen heeft, geeft mij als ondernemer rust. Dit was absoluut niet mogelijk geweest met e-mail en Whatsapp. Een absolute must, helemaal in deze tijd."
Anrico Maat
Founder De Maripaan Groep

2. No miscommunications

Did you know that organizations spend 17 hours per week on correcting mistakes caused by miscommunications? Implement an internal communications platform, and this problem will be solved. 

Your information will immediately reach your employees. And, most importantly, you can measure who reads your messages. If necessary, you can send employees a reminder when you know they didn't read the message.

An internal communication platform is perfectly designed for crisis communication. You can quickly communicate changes within your company. Also, an internal communication platform works great for communicating new products, discounts, prices and menus. You can reach all your staff and keep everyone up-to-date! Would you like to gain insights into how our Dutch customer Albert Heijn keeps 97.6% of its staff up to date on a weekly basis? Read the case.

3. Happy and engaged workers, the reason behind a positive work environment

Internal communications have a huge impact on the engagement level of your non-desk employees. Recent statistics show that 74% of organizations with many non-desk workers without a communication platform are less engaged.

Therefore, it is clear what your organization needs to do: implement an internal communication platform. Studies show that companies with an internal communication platform experience up to 30% more employee engagement. Employees can easily communicate with their managers and their peers. That’s how your employees become part of your team.

Of course, this has a positive impact on your organization’s work environment. For many employees this would be a motivator to remain with your organization.

4. Happy customers

Customer service is key for the retail and hospitality industry. The focus on customer service has only been increasing for the last couple of years. For example, this increased from 36% in 2013 to 89% in 2017 according to Gartner research. 

Your employees are responsible for this amazing customer service.In order to achieve this, your employees have to be well informed. In addition, they must feel connected with your organization. 

Having an internal communication platform in place has a huge impact on employee engagement. You efficiently keep your employees up to date about all changes within your company. Also, you create engagement by keeping your employees involved, since there is two-way communication. This positivity reflects into great willingness to help your customers. 

5. Decreased employee turnover

The employee turnover rate for retail and hospitality organizations is highest of all industries. On average, 65% of your employees leave your company within one year. This results, of course, in high, unnecessary costs for your company.

Something you can avoid by introducing an internal communication platform. Guess what, your employees remain at your company for the following reasons: convenience and fun.

If you don’t offer those two benefits to your employees, they will search for another company that does indeed offer those two factors.

  • Convenience: this is key for your employees. You can think about communications with managers and employees, and being informed through an internal platform. For example, WhatsApp groups are a source of irritation for your employees. When they still receive messages from their colleagues during the weekend via their private messenger chat, their work-life balance will be disturbed. They just want to use WhatsApp for communicating with friends and family. Not for work-related stuff. 
  • Fun: it is important for your employees to have fun during work time. For example, company parties, celebrate successes, a great work environment and communicating with colleagues. An internal communication platform connects your employees. They can easily communicate, share tips, and share photos or videos. Also, it is possible to celebrate birthdays or post photos from the last company party. With a platform you’ll increase engagement amongst your employees. This will make your employees feel more connected with your organization. 

6. Increased productivity

If your employees are well informed, they are more engaged with your organization. They’ll feel that they are valued.

This has a positive impact on your team’s productivity. Your staff will feel comfortable with your organization. They support your corporate culture. They are extra motivated to walk the extra mile for your organization. According to Harvard Business Review this can increase productivity up to 31%, thanks to an intern communication platform.

7. Long-term benefit: employees become experts

The longer your staff works at your organization, the more specific knowledge they’ll gain about your organization. You could call them ‘experts’, in the long term. They know your products better than anyone else. Besides, they know everything about discounts or menus. In addition, they are more able to solve questions from customers. Having great staff is therefore a long term benefit thanks to an internal communication platform. 

Next step: implement an internal communication platform

There are clearly enough reasons to implement an internal communication platform. But how do you start? What are the options? 

Download our EXP Whitepaper and learn how an Employee Experience Platform can help you improve your internal communication. 

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