Oneteam wins prestigious UNLEASH HR tech award

This week our team is present in Paris during UNLEASH World, the world’s most influential HR conference. The UNLEASH World conference allows HR leaders from all over the globe to explore what’s next in the world of HR, learning, recruitment, and technology—bringing topics, trends, and people together. During the prestigious annual UNLEASH Startup Award, our founder Ruben got the chance to pitch our story and how we believe an all-in-one solution holds the future for making frontline employees successful and engaged. In this blog post, we’ll share what HR leaders are talking about, HR tech trends that you cannot miss, and obviously all about the award.

Sander Kalkman

March 27, 2023

Oneteam wins prestigious UNLEASH HR tech award

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Live Insights from UNLEASH World

Here are some of the insights that HR leaders shared during this year’s conference.


1. New Work Era

Lots of talks and discussions were about designing the New Work Era. The New Era of Work is about the Employee Experience, employee well-being, and mobile/remote working. Which, of course, like all changes, comes with new challenges. Employee communication is more important than ever, while employee engagement is the biggest challenge of all. Especially for the mobile workforce and deskless workers, HR technology can solve many of these challenges.

2. HR Tech

It might not come as a total surprise after reading #1, but during the first day of the conference #HRtech was trending. The next wave of automation in the world of HR is coming up, and HR leaders from all over the world are sharing their thoughts on how to stay (or get) ahead of the curve 📈

3. Employee Engagement

One of the speakers who kicked off day 1 mentioned that US Research shows that 87% of employees are disengaged at work. That’s why many exhibitors showcase all types of solutions to improve employee engagement. During the UNLEASH Startup Award, for example, where five finalists pitched their solutions in front of a panel to win the prestigious Startup Award.

The Unleash Award for the most promising HR Tech solution goes to…

On Wednesday morning, five companies got on stage in front of a panel of expert judges and thought leaders in HR tech, competing for the UNLEASH Award. The competition was a must-see for anybody shopping for cutting-edge tech or simply curious about what the hottest market trends are today and what the HR tech landscape will look like tomorrow.

Oneteam was also one of the finalists. Alongside companies with very cool HR tech solutions like gradar, Roleshare, and Mentessa – Where the future works, our founder Ruben Wieman stayed cool, calm, collective. Ready to blow away the panel with his pitch: Oneteam – The New Way to Connect with your Frontline Workforce. We believe that an all-in-one employee app like Oneteam is the future of employee experience, and… SO DOES THE JURY! 🏆 Our team on-site walked away with the biggest smile ever and the title of Award winner.

It feels like we’ve won the Champions League (because it was a great team effort 🤩), but we know that the best is yet to come. We can’t wait to help even more organizations make their frontline workforce successful and engaged.

🤝 A special thank-you goes out to the organization and panel of the UNLEASH Startup Award.

Want to learn more about this new way to connect with your frontline? Have a look at our explainer video below and get in touch.

Sander Kalkman

Sander Kalkman

Sander Kalkman is the VP of Marketing at Oneteam. He mainly writes about internal communication and other marketing-related topics. Fun fact about Sander: He also writes articles for Frankwatching, a popular marketing media site in the Netherlands.

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