Oneteam teams up with SVH to offer e-learning content to frontline workers

With Oneteam’s newest partnership, organizations in the catering industry can now offer ready-made e-learning to their frontline employees.

Inês Pinto

Oneteam teams up with SVH to offer e-learning content to frontline workers

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ROTTERDAM, Netherlands – [10 July 2024] Oneteam, the leading employee experience app for deskless teams, announced its partnership today with SVH, a top-tier provider of e-learning content for the catering industry. With this partnership, Oneteam users can now train their restaurant and bar staff with quality e-learning courses from SVH with the click of a button.

“At Oneteam, we are committed to enhancing the employee experience for deskless workers, and this collaboration allows us to further empower these individuals with access to high-quality training materials tailored to their specific needs.” – Ruben Wieman, Co-Founder and CEO, Oneteam

With this integration, you now can:

  • Save time with ready-made courses. Offer quality e-learning without spending time creating it. With this partnership, you’ll have access to 10 full courses developed by SVH right from your Oneteam app.

  • Provide tailored training to your staff. SVH has developed a vast library of e-learning content tailor-made for the catering industry. As a Oneteam customer, you’ll be able to choose up to 10 of those courses to ensure you’re providing the training your team needs most.

This integration is available as an add-on for existing Oneteam customers and can be added to any Essential or Professional plans for new customers. Contact our team to learn more.

“Employers have a great need for new employees and for employees in a flexible workforce who are trained. Oneteam handles it well by investing in the training of their people. The handy link between Oneteam and SVH's online learning environment Horecatalent is ideal for employees to quickly and easily train their skills with a personal development program.” - Ricardo Eshuis, Director, SVH

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About Oneteam

Oneteam is a mobile app designed to help companies reach, train and engage their frontline workers. With a focus on simplicity, it provides a range of essential features, including internal communication, onboarding, e-learning, surveys, and forms & checklists. Oneteam is renowned for seamlessly integrating with existing HR and Workforce Management Systems offering a high-quality, user-friendly, all-in-one solution that empowers deskless employees to thrive.

About Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca (SVH)

The core aim of Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca (SVH) is to increase professional competence in the hospitality and catering industry. Together with partners from hospitality and catering education and the business community, SVH develops digital learning resources and teaching methods for education, trainers and entrepreneurs. SVH guarantees knowledge by conducting exams and provides insight into the training offered for the hospitality and catering industry. In this way, SVH contributes to the connection between hospitality and catering education and the business community, contributes to innovation and increases professional competence in the sector. SVH is the largest knowledge center for the hospitality and catering industry and guarantees the SVH Master Titles. The company was named Most Positive Company in the Netherlands in 2021.

Inês Pinto

Inês Pinto

Inês is the Head of Content at Oneteam. She mainly writes about employee experience and other HR topics. Fun fact about Inês: she is originally from Portugal, grew up in Canada and the US, and now lives in the Netherlands with her husband and 3 daughters!

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