The 8 best employee management software solutions

Today, there are a plethora of business tools on the market all promising to deliver a competitive advantage. One of these types of tools is employee management software, which is designed to keep your workers productive, engaged, and satisfied. But even though most organizations claim that employees are their most important asset, their actions often suggest otherwise. This is especially true of organizations with deskless workers, who receive just 1% of software venture funding despite making up 80% of the global workforce. Fortunately, the number of business solutions designed for deskless workers is increasing – and this is clear from the number of employee management software solutions that are able to meet their bespoke needs. Often working without a fixed location, regular hours, or even a company email address, deskless workers may seem particularly hard to engage with at first. But they still deserve access to the customizability, communication, and other benefits of the best employee management software solutions. That’s why we’ve outlined these tools below.

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The 8 best employee management software solutions

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What is employee management?

Employee management describes the process or processes by which businesses ensure their employees perform at their best. Often this entails a focus on satisfaction and engagement, with a large amount of research indicating that happy employees are more productive.

Employee management can be broken down into several focus areas and organizations should take this seriously even before offering a job role to a promising candidate. From recruitment to onboarding, monitoring, rewards and departure, employee management is crucial to the creation and retention of a talented workforce.

Essential features of an employee management software solution

When exploring which employee management software solution is right for your company, there are several key features to look out for. These include transparency, clear channels of communication, recognition, and opportunities for engagement.

An employee management solution should cover employee experience, scheduling, performance tracking, people analytics, and more – crucially for all employees. This means that your chosen software must be as accessible and intuitive for deskless workers as the rest of your organization.

The 8 best employee management software solutions for deskless workers

Although there may be a substantial number of employee management software solutions on the market today, not all of them meet the needs of the modern deskless worker. We’ve outlined eight that do below:

1. Oneteam

As an all-in-one employee experience app, Oneteam ticks all the boxes for an employee management tool. It provides a unified platform for all your internal communication needs that is designed to work effectively across mobile platforms. This makes it ideal for deskless workers who predominantly engage with corporate resources through their smartphones.

In terms of surveys, e-learning, forms, and third-party integrations, Oneteam is designed to connect and engage with your deskless employees – wherever they are. Instead of separate systems for comms, onboarding, micro-learning, forms, checklists, and scheduling, Oneteam combines all your employee management needs into a single platform.

Its flexible pricing (from $2,50 to $5 per user, per month) also means that Oneteam is accessible to businesses of varying sizes. However many deskless workers you have, whether they’re in retail, hospitality or any other industry, Oneteam has the employee management tools they need to get the job done.

An example of Oneteam's mobile-first employee experience app

2. Nmbrs

A great HR & payroll platform, Nmbrs lets businesses streamline all their HR processes, providing easy access to your employee data in one place. It also provides some handy automation features so HR managers and payroll professionals can focus on what really matters to employees.

Pricing varies depending on whether you are an accountancy firm or another type of company, as well as your geography, but in the Netherlands, Nmbrs starts at €59 a month. Disappointingly, Nmbrs doesn’t cover all aspects of the employee experience for deskless workers. Businesses will need to integrate with an employee experience solution, in order to fully optimize their employee management.

3. Shiftbase

A user-friendly tool for employee schedules, Shiftbase offers several customizable settings that make it ideal for companies with multiple locations. It’s also reasonably priced, boasting a free plan for smaller businesses with up to one department and 75 employees.

The downside here is that Shiftbase doesn’t offer solutions for the entire employee experience, instead focusing solely on employee scheduling and time registration. However, the platform does offer seamless integration with Oneteam.


4. Kissflow

Another employee management software solution that prioritizes communication, Kissflow has a highly useful chat feature, which even boasts the option of posting anonymously if that’s preferred, such as when sensitive topics are being discussed.

Kissflow is also Android and iOS compatible and offers real-time reporting but integrations don’t always work as they should and support can be lacking at times. In terms of price, Kissflow’s Small Business plan costs $15 per user, per month but custom quotes are available for the largest enterprises.

5. Paychex

Designed as both payroll software and an employee management tool, Paychex has received positive reviews for its simplicity and the number of modules it offers, including HR, payroll and attendance.

Unfortunately, Paychex has also faced complaints about its siloed business departments, which can make support a little long-winded. At $39 per month, plus an additional $5 per person, it’s also not the cheapest.


A user-friendly CRM tool, boasts a number of employee management features, including giving managers the ability to identify and prioritize tasks. It also comes with employee progress tracking and modules for employee well-being and learning.

Navigating the app can be slightly confusing though and can be expensive for larger teams. For instance, the platform’s Basic subscription comes in at $49 per month but only allows companies to add 10 users, which won’t be sufficient for larger firms.

7. Workday

A good fit for companies large and small, Workday helps HR professionals by providing real-time insights, while deskless workers can check their schedules and other metrics via their smartphones.

A user-friendly tool, Workday is let down by its lack of a free version and some unclear pricing options. In fact, businesses can only find out how much Workday will cost them by contacting a sales representative, which is likely to put off some businesses.

8. Cornerstone

Focusing on employee training, Cornerstone offers workers a number of skills-based professional courses to help them with their personal development. It also boasts automated onboarding and recruiting processes.

In terms of learning and talent management, Cornerstone excels but it doesn’t cover all the bases for employee management and support for more advanced problems can be difficult to acquire. Cornerstone is accessible for even smaller companies, however, with prices starting at $6 per user, per month.


All the above tools function as great employee management software solutions, with each having its specific strengths, whether that’s streamlining communication or gathering feedback.

But only Oneteam provides an all-in-one solution that promises to revolutionize your employee management by supercharging the engagement and productivity levels of your deskless workers. Get in touch to find out more about what Oneteam can offer your workers today.


Sander Kalkman

Sander Kalkman

Sander Kalkman is the VP of Marketing at Oneteam. He mainly writes about internal communication and other marketing-related topics. Fun fact about Sander: He also writes articles for Frankwatching, a popular marketing media site in the Netherlands.

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