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In this case study, you will read how Oneteam helps Goedhart to make their employees successful and engaged.


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“Thanks to Oneteam we have one central platform with which all employees in all 18 stores can communicate together. We love using Oneteam because it is an all-in-one employee platform. Onboarding, realtime schedules, and shift changes: it is all in there!”

Eveline Burgers
Communication Manager at Goedhart Bouwmarkten

About Goedhart Bouwmarkten

Goedhart Bouwmarkten, known as Goedhart, is a franchise consisting of 17 individual chain stores. Those stores are DIY (Do It Yourself Stores). The company employs almost one thousand employees. Goedhart is the second-largest franchise of Intergamma in the Netherlands. Goedhart is a family business and has been using its slogan ‘Result with pleasure’ for over a 100 years. Employee happiness has been at the company’s core since its foundation. Employees should enjoy their job. This results in less staff turnover and satisfied customers. As a result of this focus, Goedhart has become ‘The Best Employer in Retail 2017 – 2018’.

The challenge: less engaged employees due to outdated systems

In 2013 Goedhart went through a reorganization. This reorganization had major consequences for the frontline employees. The company had to cut back and therefore the team had to be changed. Older, permanent employees had to be replaced by cheaper, young part-time employees (Gen Z and Millenials). Goedhart noticed that this younger generation felt more connected to a digitizing organization. This was the reason Goedhart started searching for a modern employee tool.

Goedhart wanted a solution for the following four challenges:

  • Employees must be able to view timetables and change shifts online: Goedhart did not have an online platform where employees could view schedules and change shifts. Employees always had to send messages to their managers about shift changes. This was time-consuming for managers. They were always occupied arranging shift changes until late in the evening.
  • One platform for internal communications: WhatsApp and different communication tools made the management of internal communications more and more complicated for Goedhart. The company used different communication tools, such as Whatsapp, Facebook groups, bulletin boards, and a magazine. There was no central solution for internal communications. As a result, employees were not always aware of what was going on in the company.
  • More engaged employees and decreased employee turnover: it was a huge challenge for Goedhart to recruit staff. Employee turnover for frontline workers is very high. They wanted to decrease employee turnover. An app would make employees more engaged.
  • Gain better insights into the preferences of employees: it was difficult for Goedhart to measure the opinions of their employees. It was not possible to get insights into this in a quick manner.
“Nowadays Gen Z expects your organization to be digital organization. Organizations should not ignore this."

The decision to choose Oneteam: a specialized and familiar solution

Oneteam was the perfect fit for Goedhart. Goedhart chose Oneteam as an employee experience platform because of the following reasons:

  • The connection between the WFM system: Oneteam is connected to Manus Plus, the WFM (workforce management)-system Goedhart was already using. Now all employee data is synchronized with Oneteam. Goedhart did not have to make any changes to the data. Additionally, Oneteam shows real-time schedule information from the WFM system.
  • A specialized solution: Oneteam is an app developed for non-desk workers in the retail and hospitality industry. Oneteam knows the needs and wants of those employees. That is why Oneteam knew exactly what Goedhart needed.
  • Continuous focus on platform improvements: the needs of the customer are leading for Oneteam. Eveline explains: “We can always approach Oneteam if we would like to see other features. Oneteam uses the wishes of the customer as a guiding principle.” Oneteam has added many new features to its platform, like e-learning and onboarding. “More and more modules were added. We love it.”
  • The quick response time of the support: “We can approach Oneteam for support all the time. When we have questions, Oneteam answers them in no time.” according to Eveline. Also, Oneteam offers advice through personalized webinars and presentations. In this way, Oneteam helps Goedhart to increase the number of employees who are using Oneteam.
“We are satisfied with Oneteam and we are looking forward to other features the app will be offering in the future. Development is an ongoing process for Oneteam.”

The results so far: satisfied managers, happy employees and customers by streamlined communications

Fun fact: Goedhart is Oneteam’s first customer. The family business has been using Oneteam since 2015. Employees love using the app. The employee app is currently delivering the following benefits:

  • Happy and satisfied employees: Goedhart is a popular employer. Employees are more engaged since they started using Oneteam. Employees are more up to date. Eveline gives an example: “Our colleagues often post pictures of team-building activities on our timeline. A while ago, some of our colleagues took part in a running competition. All employees of Goedhart see those pictures. Even though you do not see every face-to-face you still feel connected by sharing these experiences. It is easy to stay in touch with colleagues from other locations.” The result? More interaction amongst employees and more engaged employees.
  • Attractive to younger employees: Oneteam is easy to use. This is paying off for Goedhart and its employees. The app works great for quick updates and questions. In addition, employees can view their schedules easily online and make use of Flexchange (changing shifts). That is why the younger generation loves using Oneteam. 70% of the users check Oneteam on a daily basis.
  • Satisfied location managers: managers of different establishments are saving a lot of time now. With Oneteam, communications are easy and transparent. Managers can easily communicate by using one platform. On a location, team, and peer-to-peer level. Moreover, the workforce has a better work-life balance. They receive way less messages after working time now.
  • Employees learn faster by online training and onboarding: Goedhart is now able to increase engagement in two ways:
  1. An onboarding module makes new employees quickly feel at home at Goedhart.
  2. Goedhart now posts short instruction videos on the timeline of Oneteam. It is possible to easily keep employees updated about certain products and weekly offers. Eveline explains: “We make a lot of use of instruction videos and gamification. We stress the importance of both customer happiness and great customer service.” At the moment Goedhart already created 160 instruction videos in Oneteam.
“By making use of the onboarding module of Oneteam we can make our new employees feel at home. It helps us create engagement amongst our people.”
  • It is now easy to gain insights into the needs and wants of employees: Goedhart often uses the poll feature to ask employees for their opinion. Eveline gives an example: “We got the impression that our employees did not like our Christmas present. How does one check that? We found out that our employees still liked our Christmas present. It’s an easy way to quickly ask the opinion of our employees or measure their satisfaction”. Eveline concludes: “We can now efficiently communicate with our employees. If we want to know something quickly from our employees, Oneteam offers the solution”.